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Sweet Golden Retriever Apologizes With Kisses After Accidentally Making Baby Cry.

This golden retriever knows just how to say sorry!

Dogs love to play, but sometimes their unpredictable movements can be a bit too much for small children! In a hilarious video shared by Life with Malamutes on YouTube, Buddy the golden retriever found out baby Nathan’s limits the hard way. While rolling around on the floor, the dog accidentally “booped” the little boy with his cold, wet nose. Nathan didn’t like that at all, and started to cry!

Buddy’s response was too cute. At first, he looked confused because he didn’t know what he’d done wrong. He tried everything to get back into baby Nathan’s good graces, from giving him some breathing room to laying down quietly nearby. Eventually, though, the pooch got the boy smiling again by giving him lots of affectionate kisses!

Watch this adorable golden retriever say he’s sorry in the video below.

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