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Deaf Grandma Teaches Deaf 9-Wk-Old Baby How To Sign, Their Precious Conversation Is Melting Hearts Across Globe.

The relationship between a grandparent and grandchild is a very special one. There’s all the love and affection that comes with parenting a child, but you don’t have to worry so much about all the discipline!

In the video below, it’s clear that Aria, an adorable little baby, has already forged a relationship with her grandma, Pamela, at only 9 weeks old. But there’s something particularly special about this relationship, Aria and Pamela share something in common: they’re both deaf.


Aria’s mom, Shari Joy McMahon captured a beautiful moment between her mother and daughter that’s melting hearts across the internet. The moment features little Aria lying in Pamela’s lap, looking up at her as Pamela teaches her sign language. A transcript of the conversation– provided by Shari Joy— is below.

Both of them are laughing.
“I’m funny?” *tickles Aria’s cheek*
“Grandma. Can you sign Grandma?”
*she laughs when Aria laughs at her*
“Oh, you’re so funny!”
“So funny!” *strokes Aria’s cheeks*
“Oh, funny!”
“Say Grandma. Can you sign Grandma?”
*lifts Aria’s hand to help her sign Grandma*
“Yes, that’s how you sign Grandma!”
*close up shot of Aria*
*Aria starts to move her arm*
“Grandma, yes!” *Aria moves her arm closer to her face*
*points to Aria’s hand* “Yes, that’s it!”
“Grandma” *moves Aria’s hand again*
“Yes, that’s it! Grandmaâ€
*Aria keeps on moving her arm and hand*
*Aria’s eyebrows goes up as if she understands what is saying*
*Aria’s arm and hand goes to her face and she seems to be signing “Grandmaâ€*
“Yes, yes! That’s it!â€
*looks up to the camera* “Did you see that?!â€
*looks back to Aria* “Yes, Grandma, yes!â€
*Moves Aria’s hand again to sign Grandma*
*Aria’s eyebrows furrows as her arm tightens*
“Oh, no, I’m not going to force you, ok, okâ€
“Aww! Oh my, you’re so cute”*gently strokes Aria’s head*


Seeing this grandmother teach this precious, beloved baby how to communicate with her is truly heartwarming. It’s clear they already have a beautiful relationship!

Watch the sweet interaction in the video below, and share!

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