Enthusiastic Little Girl Dresses As Elsa, Signs To “Let It Go” In Adorable Performance.

Remember the adorable little girl who blew us away with her adorable sign language Christmas performance for her hearing impaired parents? How about the heartwarming story of a deaf girl and her deaf best friend, a dog named Walter? Now we're sharing another precious signing video, a recording of a little girl named Lily signing along to Frozen's "Let It Go" using a language program called Makaton. Makaton is a form of sign language based on British Sign Language. Makaton uses signs and symbols to communicate and is designed to help people who can hear but have difficulty learning or communicating, whereas British Sign Language is for the deaf community. Unlike sign language-- which has its own grammatical rules-- Makton pairs signals with words, which are signed in order that they can be spoken. In the video below, Lily uses Makaton to sign along to "Let It Go." Lily is one of the first that Kate McCallum, an expert in augmentative and alternative communication, introduced to Makaton. Last year, Kate and a Makaton tutor named Sally Featon created a video of themselves signing to "Let It Go," so little Lily was inspired to do the same! She created the video below and proudly sent it to Kate who posted it on Facebook. Lily is not deaf; she does have glue ear which affects her hearing, but her interest in Makaton mostly stems from Kate and Sally's aforementioned video as well as her dad's work with special needs kids. Lily's mom was surprised by how many people watched her video, saying "Lily, her dad and I are all really pleased and proud of the way she has made so many people aware of this alternative communication tool." Watch Lily's "Let It Go" below and share her special skill today! https://www.facebook.com/facebook/videos/1808504266099010/
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