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preschool pickup video

Dad Films Picking Up Son For Month & His Reactions Are So Precious.

As a parent, nothing is more gratifying than the look of absolute adoration and happiness your children give as soon as they lay eyes on you after spending time apart.

That’s why one Maryland dad will never get tired of the way his son reacts during preschool pickups. The father of two, who goes by Projex Santana, is an R&B singer from Prince George County. But it isn’t just his music that has fans squealing in delight — it’s the video of his little boy.

father son

On Father’s Day, the proud dad uploaded footage to Twitter of something he’d been working on for the past few weeks. He’d filmed himself picking up his son from preschool every day for a month and pieced the clips together in a precious compilation of one seriously happy kid.

“The excitement on my son’s face when I pick him up is so refreshing,” he wrote. “Happy Father Day to me.”

preschool pick up

Every time, without fail, the adorable boy runs over to his dad as soon as he spots him, screaming, “Daddy!”

preschool pick up

It doesn’t matter what he’s doing or who he’s talking to; when Dad opens the door, the kid drops everything. He only has eyes for his idol.

preschool pick up

Unsurprisingly, thousands lost it after watching the video, hearts collectively melting over the little boy’s love for his dad.

preschool pick up

“Has to be the greatest feeling,” one viewer wrote. Nobody can dispute that after watching the boy scream “Daddy!” over and over in the video below.

“He plays no games when I step between those doors,” the dad joked. Unfortunately, he shared, his daughter doesn’t show quite the same enthusiasm as her brother.

But that’s okay because his son has more than enough to make up for it. And the little guy was pretty excited to hear he’d become a viral superstar overnight.

Our hearts are bursting right now, as we’re sure yours are, too. Who could resist that pint-sized cutie? He’s a lucky boy to have such a loving, attentive father — as is his dad to have him.

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