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Dad Films Daughter’s 1st Day Of School For 13 Yrs, Makes Emotional Graduation Video.


When you’re in the thick of raising children, it’s hard to believe how the time will fly.

One second you’re bemoaning your lack of sleep with a fussy infant, the next you’re sending your baby off to college — or so it seems. It’s hard to capture just how fleeting these beautiful years are, but Kevin Scruggs of Seattle, Washington managed to do just that in this touching video.


Kevin has two daughters, Mackenzie and Madison. When each of the girls started school, Kevin had the amazing foresight to start a video diary for each of them. After each girl returned home from their first day of school Kevin would sit them down and do a quick interview with them. He’d ask them how their day went, what they were most excited about this year and other questions, then he’d do it all over again the following year.

As a result, in 2017 Kevin released a video compilation of Mackenzie that began with snippets from her kindergarten interview and ended with her high school interview. The video went viral and inspired countless other parents to do the same thing. Now, two years later, it’s Madison’s turn to graduate.


The video starts with Madison as an adorable five-year-old kindergartner with messy hair and a rash of freckles across her nose. The little girl is excited about school and can’t wait to talk about her favorite teachers, friends, and happenings within the classroom. As the clips move on to first, second, and beyond we’re struck by how fast the child morphs before our very eyes.


Almost instantly Madison goes from a sweet little kid to a teenager with braces, then before you know it she’s a graceful young woman about to embark on her life’s journey. Watching her shift from child to young adult in just a few moments is mind-bending, but parents everywhere recognize that it really does go this quickly! Or at least it feels that way when we’re looking back on it all.


Kevin dutifully recorded his daughters for thirteen years from kindergarten until twelfth grade, presenting the edited version of the video to each girl when they finished high school. Even though it’s sweet to see the girls growing up before our very eyes it strikes a bittersweet chord as well. It’s a reminder of how fast these precious years go by, and a reminder to enjoy every minute of it!

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