Dad Magically Puts Baby To Sleep With The Simple Swipe Of His Hand.

Left frame shows a wide awake baby. Right frame shows the same baby asleep after his dad's magic swipe.

One of the most satisfying times for any new parent is when they FINALLY have a sleeping baby. Sleeping babies might be one of our favorite subjects. We visited with Cody, who had a unique way of singing his daughter to sleep. We watched as an exhausted mom did a weird crawl to escape the room after her baby finally fell asleep. But nothing beats today’s story about the magical way this man puts his baby to sleep.


Image shows two shots of a very happy, very wide awake baby sitting on his dad's lap.
Image from YouTube.

Sitting on his dad’s lap, this kid doesn’t even look tired. He’s busy petting something furry that we assume is a family dog. There are no stifled yawns or droopy eyes. That is until Dad begins working his magic. At first, we think Dad is playing as he touches the baby’s forehead. He slowly draws the palm of his hand down the baby’s face.

Left image shows the beginning of the magic swipe. Right image shows the middle.
Image from YouTube.

After the first swipe, we notice a little droop in the baby’s eyes. After the second swipe, the baby is downright saggy.

Left image shows a baby that is beginning to show signs of being tired. Right image shows the same baby drifting and nodding a bit.
Image from YouTube.

The man repeated the move four times. By the fourth downward swipe, our little bundle of energy was down for the count! We’re not sure how this magical sleeping baby came about, but that is some trick!

After four magic swipes, the dad had a sleeping baby. He is shown here, asleep, in both frames.
Image from YouTube.

We are uncertain how this works or how the dad discovered this neat trick. We’re just passing it along so that other sleep-deprived parents might be able to duplicate the magic. Because the only time the parent of a newborn can rest is when they have a sleeping baby.

We hope that you enjoyed this magic moment. You can watch the entire clip below. Share this with new parents in your circle.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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