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“A Girl Dad’s Worst Nightmare.” Girl Asks What Dad Will Do When She Has A Boyfriend.

A dad and his little girl sit outside their home, using chalk to decorate the sidewalk. Dad looks at his daughter, shrugging.

When you’re a parent, there are countless joyful moments to look forward to and appreciate. Then there are other moments, of course, that many parents dread. One of those moments for this Dad was captured on camera, much to the delight of mom, Melly Reyes. In the video, the little girl throws off Dad by bringing up what seems to be a nightmare scenario for him: The day she gets a boyfriend.

The two of them are decorating the sidewalk with colorful chalk. Then, the little girl starts off the conversation with a rather insightful question — she wants to know if Dad will be sad when she’s an adult and doesn’t live in their home anymore. Seemingly not ready to even imagine that happening, Dad insists that this simply isn’t going to happen.

Ring cam footage of a little girl when she confronts dad with his worst nightmare: the day she gets a boyfriend.

When the little girl pushes back, he asks where she’s going to go and with who. Turns out, she’s already given this some thought.

“Same thing what Mommy has,” she says, pointing at Dad. “A boyfriend.”

Girl Confronts Dad With Nightmare Scenario: The Day She Has a Boyfriend

Dad, who especially doesn’t expect this answer, asks who told her she could have a boyfriend. This prompts a bit of back and forth about whether or not she will, in fact, have a boyfriend one day.

Despite Dad’s insistence that she won’t, it’s clear she can’t be fooled. Like it or not, Dad will have to prepare himself for when that day comes — in fact, he should be grateful that he was given a heads up well in advance!

Watch this little girl force her dad to confront his worst nightmare, her getting a boyfriend, in the video below.

@mellyreyes41 A girl dads biggest nightmare 🤣 thanks ring for capturing moments like these 🤣 #ringdoorbell #ringcamera #girldadtiktok #girldad #ring ♬ original sound – Melly Reyes

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