You’ll Be Astounded When These Kids Open Their Mouths And Start Singing!

Image shows a blind girl on the left singing an Adele Cover song. Right panel shows a boy during a performance on "The Voice Kids."

Music is an integral part of childhood. It has been documented that most babies dance (bounce to music) before they walk. When they learn to talk, singing is a natural side venture. Songs are easy to remember; they have catchy tunes, and kids join in. The repetitiveness of children’s songs, such as “Baby Shark,” even frustrates artificial intelligence. But sometimes, you find children singing that you want to listen to on repeat.


1. This Girl Pours Her Heart And Soul Into Adele’s “Easy On Me”

Children singing is like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. When this young lady hits the first note, you’ll be mesmerized.

2. Shy Young Man Takes Center Stage To Surprise His Mom!

When this student was tasked with a solo part in the song “This Is Me” from the movie “Camp Rock,” he didn’t tell his mom. Instead, he stood center stage as other students sang back up. When his cue came, he raised his microphone and sang. He sounded a little shy initially but gained confidence as he continued.

3. The Star Spangled Banner Is A Difficult Song

When you’re only 11 and singing acapella, it takes true talent to nail the national anthem.


An AMAZING performance of the National Anthem by a 5th grader! There are so many great things about this video of 11-year-old AVA BONIFAS singing at an Adams Central basketball game: The good-luck hug from her brother at the beginning, the amazing vocals during the entire song and the thunderous applause from the crowd at the end. (OR the REF’s reaction!! I love that part too!) BTW- you can catch her singing the National Anthem again during this year’s rival game of Adams Central -vs- Hastings High. (Thursday 1/5/2023)

♬ original sound – kingmade_nuke3

4. Singing The “Cups” Song With The Cups

This singer, performing on “The Voice Kids,” begins by slapping a cup on the stage and clapping rhythmically. The Cups Song trend began when Anna Kendrick revamped an old folk song written in 1930. Her version from 2012 captivated everyone. By 2013, every kid seemed to know the routine and was singing along. The song’s simplicity didn’t stop the judges from spinning their chairs around to see the person attached to this amazing voice!

5. Another Talented Singer, Singing For The AGT Judges

Angelina Green is only 13 years old, but you wouldn’t know that just by listening to her voice. As she sings “I’ll Stand By You,” her range is phenomenal. She belted out the song with emotion and earned a standing ovation from the audience and the judges! And in the end? The golden buzzer!

6. This Dad Might Regret His Song Choice In The Car

When the intro starts, this young lady is unstoppable. Dad shook his head and took his “punishment” like a man. The song was “Respect” by the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. And this girl nails it note for note! We think Dad might have his hands full when she grows up!


Little girl sings to her dad in the car 😄🎶🎶👏🏽 #singing #fyp #cover #performance

♬ original sound – Music.avenue

7. He Had All The Girls Swooning On “The Voice Kids”

We can’t find suitable adjectives to describe this young man’s voice. You’ll have to listen.

8. Wait Until You Hear The Dreams Of This 6-Year-Old!

You could tell the AGT judges weren’t expecting much. When Simon asked her if she thought she could win, she responded quickly and assertively, “YES!” When she started singing, we understood that her confidence was well-deserved. She has dreams and a shopping list to spend her winnings!

9. This Singer Isn’t A Kid, But … Well, You’ll See

The life of a street busker isn’t always easy. People pass quickly and avoid eye contact. But every once in a while, that one person stops in their tracks and is captivated. That one rapt listener can make your entire day. We hope the parents are just out of the camera frame. Otherwise, they might discover they are missing something in a bit.


This kid has a great taste for a good voice 🥺😍 via@lifeofabusker #singing #amazing #talent

♬ original sound – Lyrics

10. He Had To Sing The Next Lyrics

In a contest where a song snippet is played for the contestant, they must complete that line of the song. This young man took it a step further and wowed the audience!

11. Young Conor Writes His Own Songs!

Using an original song to audition on “The Voice Kids” was a risky venture, but it paid off for Conor.

The upcoming generation is cram-packed with talented children singing their hearts out for audiences worldwide. From amateurs to contestants on music shows, we found a bottomless pool of talent to choose from.

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