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25M People Can’t Stop Laughing At This Little Girl’s Dance Moves To “Baby Shark.”

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve heard “Baby Shark” many, many times.

There’s something about the popular children’s song that’s just irresistible to kids, making it practically impossible for them to not sing and dance along. One dad can even attest to its effect on babies. When he played the catchy tune for his infant daughter, she immediately started bopping along, leaving her father astonished by what she could do.

baby does body roll

With a huge grin plastered on her face, the little cutie begins expertly gyrating her hips as her dad records. She moves in a way that seems to defy her age, performing body rolls better than many adults.

baby does body roll

It’s hard not to smile as well when you see how much fun she’s having. Like we said before, there’s just something about that song…

baby does body roll

At one point, she looks over at Dad as if to ask, “Are you seeing this?! Look what I can do!”

cute baby dances

Obviously not being able to keep the adorable footage to himself, the girl’s dad shared it on Facebook, where it racked up millions of views. The tiny tot became a viral sensation before she could even know what that means, and thousands of adoring fans commented to share their disbelief.

“I’m offended how she can do a better body roll than me,” one woman wrote. “Whatever is in that shark song I want some of it… it got these babies rolling more than me,” another added.

Other viewers couldn’t stop laughing and making jokes.

dancing baby video commentdancing baby video commentdancing baby video comment

We’re not really sure how this little girl learned to dance like that, but it’s hilariously entertaining all the same. Her parents must get a kick out of watching her groove along to whatever music they’re playing.

Check out the dancing baby’s unreal moves for yourself in the clip below. Share her surprising talent with others to make them smile.

Baby shark dance

Baby shark doo doo doo🦈Like Kids Doing Things for more

Posted by Kids Doing Things on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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