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Mom Can’t Stop Laughing When Alexa Refuses To Play “Baby Shark” For Toddler.

alexa wont play baby shark

Parents everywhere are pretty sick of hearing the “Baby Shark” song. As it turns out, even devices with artificial intelligence have had enough of the catchy earworm.

In a video that’s making people laugh all over the web, two little kids are sitting in their living room chatting with an Amazon Alexa device when the request goes a little bit sideways. The older child is about 3 years old, and she’s clearly used to having her wishes granted by the cloud-based voice service. Today, however, it was not to be.


Even adults can tell you that dealing with Alexa can be challenging. The device doesn’t always understand people’s accents or infections, leading to frustrating moments of confusion and non-compliance. This little girl is having exactly the same problem as she repeatedly asks Alexa to play “Baby Shark” but the device refuses to understand her childish pronunciation.

Even more infuriating is the fact that Alexa keeps repeating the child’s request and asking her to confirm it, but when she does Alexa still doesn’t get it! After several attempts the kid has had it, exclaiming, “Okay, stop doing that Alexa!”


As her little brother quietly empties a nearby drawer of its contents the little girl grows even more annoyed, finally throwing up her hands and firmly telling Alexa, “Stop that!”

Either Alexa is like 99% of parents in the United States who have heard enough of “Baby Shark” or they need to tweak their voice recognition algorithm. Either way, the result is the same: one frustrated little girl and a mom behind the camera who can’t stop giggling!


We feel your pain, little girl! We also feel Alexa’s pain because just thinking about this song has it playing on an endless loop inside our brain. What is it about that song?!

Watch the little girl attempting to get Alexa to play her favorite song in the video below, and don’t forget to share!

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