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Cat’s Meows Turn Into An Unforgettable Bop Thanks To This Talented Musician!

A three-photo collage. One shows a man singing passionately with his eyes closed. The second shows that same man playing a trumpet passionately with his eyes closed. The third shows a cat with their eyes closed. Text above the cat reads “sometimes I’m alone.”

Every once in a while, a video reminds us of why we’re so grateful that social media exists. David Scott, a South African musician and producer who goes by The Kiffness online, never fails to make those types of videos. Using his ear for creating catchy tunes out of anything, he’s brought to life yet another unforgettable song – this time, using the meows of a cat.

This isn’t the first time we’ve shared one of David’s masterpieces. In addition to his upbeat song featuring a cockatiel, there’s a whole list of remixes for you to check out. But first, let’s introduce you to his latest bop, “Sometimes I’m Alone.” The song starts off with a video of a cat who legit sounds as if they are speaking.

“Sometimes I’m alone,” the cat seems to say. “Sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I’m alone. Hello?”

These are the words that make up the chorus of this oddly amazing song. David incorporates his own lyrics as well, rounding out this hilarious and somehow moving melody. Truly, we can’t imagine how he was able to create such an awesome song out of cat meows, but we’re so glad he did!

Watch this purrfectly catchy song in the video below.

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