Dancer’s Contagious Joy During A Hockey Game Has Fans Of Both Teams Cheering.

A two-photo collage. Both show a woman dancing at a hockey game.

As children, we never thought twice about showing the world how excited we felt at any given moment – this is a trait that us adults could benefit from more. Proof of this can be seen during a match between the Kraken and the Canucks. During this hockey game, a woman began to dance along to “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees, and her moves had folks from both teams smiling.

Whether this woman is a professional dancer or someone with a lot of spring in her step, one thing is for sure: She sure knows how to brighten everyone’s spirits! Her exaggerated movements are mesmerizing to watch, and the joy she feels when dancing shines through in every move she makes.

In a video capturing the moment, the folks sitting nearby this fun performance can be seen smiling and laughing – and how could they not? Seeing others show off their talents in just joyous ways is a treat, and we love that her skills continue to spread to people all across the world.

Watch this talented woman’s unforgettable performance in the video below.

A hockey time-out entertainer.
by u/morganmonroe81 in MadeMeSmile

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