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Is There Any Video This Musician Can’t Remix Into Internet Gold? We Think Not!

The Kiffness with Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell, and Mozart Cat

For musician David Scott, otherwise known as The Kiffness, every sound imaginable can be used to make music, even a horse relentlessly squeaking a rubber chicken.

The South African musician and producer just hears the world differently. We may hear the slamming of a car door, but David hears a beat that can be looped and added to other musical elements to create something beautiful and unexpected. On his social media channels, The Kiffness uses viral video clips of everything from “talking” animals to freedom fighters and Army drill sergeants, and the results are incredibly catchy works of musical art.

1. This viral clip of Alugalugalug, the “talking” cat, was the inspiration for his original song, “Please Go Away.”

2. The Kiffness collaborated with Rushawn, a young Jamaican boy, to sing Jermaine Edward’s uplifting song, “It’s a Beautiful Day.”

3. A man recorded while selling Coca Cola in a melodic voice on the beach was the perfect basis for a club jam called “Faisan.”

4. Here’s that squeaky rubber chicken we mentioned. How is this version of Techno Horse so dang catchy?

5. Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell went viral for their attempt at the Grace Kelly Challenge, a TikTok trend where users harmonize with the 2007 song, “Grace Kelly,” by Mika. The Kiffness added his special touch, and it’s so good!

6. Big Billy is another “singing” cat, and his song with The Kiffness proves he’s “the biggest wet willy.”

7. Before the war with Russia, Ukrainian Andriy Khlyvnyuk was the lead singer of a popular touring rock band. He quit music to defend his country, but still found a moment to sing this Ukrainian Folk Song that the The Kiffness remixed.

8. Saba Zamenii spent three months in prison simply for being a woman singer in her native country, Iran. Since fleeing to Canada, she has become a vocal protestor against the Islamic Regime. Here she is alongside The Kiffness on “Bizaram Az Dine Shoma,” (Women Life Freedom).

9. The Kiffness used a clip of a fish vendor known as £1 Fish Man, a.k.a. Muhammad Shahid Nazir, to produce this fantastic beat of a dance mix.

10. The Kiffness put on his sharpest tuxedo shirt and tie to join Mozart Cat at the piano bench.

11. The Kiffness was thrilled to team up with fellow South Africans, The Joy – a Zulu a capella group – for a version of “Waqoba Amaqatha” that has us tapping our feet and bobbing our heads.

12. A video of Drill Sergeant DePalo leading his soldiers at Fort Jackson in a cadence called “I Left My Home” got The Kiffness treatment, and we’d listen to this on repeat.

13. This video of the Shira Choir at a Bar Mitzvah singing, “Im Hashem Lo Yivneh Bayis” went viral, and The Kiffness added the perfect touches to make the beautiful religious song an even more rhythmic tune.

14. This throat singing group from the Altai Republic in Russia, called Bai Terek, plays the sort of music we didn’t even know we enjoyed, until we heard it! The Kiffness adds a certain special something to even the most unusual sounds.

15. Last but not least, The Kiffness and Ginger the Cockatiel gave us one of the best club anthems ever made: “Kookee Kookee.”

What a talented human! We are so impressed with the way this artist adds his own flair to every sound he hears.

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