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carrie underwood baby singing

Carrie Underwood’s New Baby Judges Her Singing Vs. Dad’s & Millions Are Cracking Up.

To a baby, nothing is quite as comforting as the sound of Mom’s voice. And it sure doesn’t hurt when she’s a Grammy Award-winning singer.

Of course, dads have a way with their kids as well, whether they’re entertaining incomprehensible debates or singing their little ones to sleep. But when it comes to the latter, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s youngest son Jacob clearly prefers his mom for the job.

mike fisher carrie underwood

The country superstar recently uploaded hilarious proof of where her 5-month-old’s loyalties lie on Instagram with the caption, “Everyone’s a critic…” In the video, we see little Jacob lying on a bed and looking up at his dad, seemingly content.

baby prefers mom's voice

But as soon as the former NHL player starts crooning his wife’s hit, “Love Wins,” it becomes very apparent his little boy isn’t a fan. Almost instantly, the infant bursts into tears, sobbing over his dad’s performance — and not in a good way.

baby prefers mom's voice

Carrie, on the other hand, gets a very different reception when she jumps into the song. It only takes a second for Jacob to stop crying as he turns his head and stares at his mom in wonder.

baby prefers mom's voice

And Jacob’s reaction definitely isn’t a fluke. Every time Mike starts singing again, he cries. Then, without fail, he calms as soon as he hears his mom’s beautiful voice.

baby prefers mom's voice

Unsurprisingly, the precious footage had millions cracking up, including other celebrities such as Justine Timberlake, who commented, “This is the greatest thing I’ve seen all year.”

Mike even popped up in the comments section to defend himself: “The real reason is he was hungry and wanted your food,” he pointed out, adding the hashtag #notmysinging. Don’t feel too badly, Dad. Your son just has great musical taste. While Jacob may prefer Carrie’s singing, it’s obvious he adores his dad whenever he looks up and gives him that adorable, heart-melting smile.

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