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Blind Woman Asks The Grinch To Describe Himself — The Results Are Just As Hilarious As You’d Expect.

the grinch and woman

What happens when a blind woman meets the hilarious, rambunctious Grinch? Shenanigans! That’s what!

A blind woman approached the Grinch at a meet-and-greet and requested a little extra involvement on his part so she could understand what he looked like.

the grinch and a woman laughing
This image is from Instagram.

When asked to describe myself, the Grinch said, “Luscious, tasteful, satisfying, and putrid.” How funny is that?

She went on to see if she could touch his costume, and he leaped with glee at the request. First, he made sure it was alright with her husband, and then he tricked her into giving him a pat on the bottom!

The two laughed and laughed, and she got a much clearer picture of who the Grinch really is!

The blind woman felt his hairy and long fingers, with the Grinch saying that he does need a manicure.

“All of the interactions I’ve seen with the Grinches have been so incredibly wholesome and I’ll be honest, it gives me a hope I didn’t know I needed,” commented one fan, eating up the sweet hilarity of the video.

“I love this because while he was being really comical he was also really and ensured your safety when getting on the sled. Such a sweet interaction and very funny too!” said another fan, noticing his care (despite his shenanigans).

Check out the sweet and comedic video below!

The featured image for this post is from Instagram.

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