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10 Tweets From People Who’ve Worked Retail One Day Too Many

meme of a boy with an awkward expression that says "when you think you've been working for 4 hours and it's only been 17 minutes"

Retail work can be a grueling experience, often filled with moments that leave employees shaking their heads in disbelief. From the absurd to the downright hilarious, retail workers have seen it all. Here are ten tweets from those who have braved the retail world, capturing their experiences with humor and a touch of sarcasm. These anecdotes paint a vivid picture of the everyday trials and tribulations faced by retail workers, offering a glimpse into a world that many of us only briefly encounter as customers.

1. When the manager repeats what you just said.

When a customer wants to
speak to the manager and
the manager just tells them
the same thing you said:

Ever had a customer insist on speaking to the manager, only to have the manager echo your exact words? It’s a mix of satisfaction and frustration that every retail worker knows all too well.

2. “Can I get a shift cover from the afterlife?”

I could die and my job would get a ouija board and ask if I got someone
to cover my shift

Imagine being so dedicated to your job that even in the afterlife, you’re asked to find a cover for your shift. This tweet hilariously captures the never-ending commitment expected from retail workers.

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