The Grinch Is Here, And He’s Bringing Christmas… Cheer?!

Grinch delivery drivers are working at UPS to bring holiday cheer.

Several UPS drivers are incorporating a holiday tradition, and we like it. And amazingly, UPS isn’t fussing about uniform standards either! When this crew of green fuzz-clad Grinch delivery drivers hit the streets, there is no end to the silly antics. From the trademark Grinch-prance to the famous scowl on his face, these drivers are busy bringing holiday cheer to those far and near! We found some of our favorites to share with you. We don’t know the names of most of these joyful folks, but you can address them as “Grinch” if they arrive on your doorstep.


1. He’s Been Practicing His Grinch-Prance

Delivering on a rural route can be interesting. This driver made it very fun, too. I love how he turns to wave for the camera!

2. This Might Be Our Favorite Of All The Grinch Delivery Drivers

This Grinch delivery driver stays in character from the minute the van door slides up.

3. Props For Inventing A Grinch Cart

Rolling along in a Grinch cart to deliver packages is new, but it works!

4. Grinch Delivery With A Smile!

Stopping mid-stride to redirect who the delivery goes to; this driver is on the job.

5. This “Seasonal Helper” Came Dressed For Work!

Like many delivery companies and retail establishments, UPS hires temporary and seasonal workers to help coordinate the increase in business during the holiday season. I’m guessing that UPS didn’t specify uniform requirements, but this works!

6. Regular Driver Gets A Surprise Helper

Yep, another one of those seasonal helpers (It might be the same one?). This helper has been surprising her driver with antics galore, so you can find a lot of interactions with them on TikTok.

7. This Is How Drivers Turn Into Grinch Delivery Drivers… Who Knew?

A trip to the porta-potty can turn you into a Grinch delivery driver. Be careful out there!

8. We Can’t Even With This One…

There are no words…

9. Our Driver Figured Out How To Un-Grinch His Helper

This is the same pair from a couple of other videos. They did this one like a commercial, and it’s hilarious.

10. Wait… There’s More Than ONE?

Grinches are overrunning Greenville! They’re busy creating havoc in the loading warehouse.


UPS Greenville Grinch Sighting! 👀#📦🧅 WATCH TILL THE END! The Grinches hated Christmas! Safety at that! Their goal? To steal SAFETY, disguised in their hats! Stealing and misloads! That’s where they’ll start! I wonder if Greenville, will change their Grinch hearts! Trainings and demo’s, will help them all learn! Then maybe some BROWNS the Grinches will earn! They applied all the methods! They have a new stance! Working safely by choice and NEVER by chance! The Grinches hearts have now changed! It finally clicked! IT IS POSSIBLE TO TEACH A NEW GRINCH SOME NEW TRICKS! -Kevin Berryman #UPS#Safety#GreenvilleNC#BigBrown#HowTheGrinchMetSafety#LoveSafety#MerryGrinchmas#KevinTheEdutainer#SafetyGrinches#Edutainment#Changed

♬ original sound – Kevin Berryman

11. The Trend Isn’t Limited To UPS Drivers

We found a USPS worker happily running to deliver packages as the Grinch, too!


Yes…this is my brother…he always knows how to make delivering mail and packages during the holidays so much fun🥰🥰😂😂#HolidayOREOke #grinch #postalworker

♬ You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch (A Funny Christmas Song) – Allan Sherman

Most everyone is familiar with the story of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss. The tale has been sung about in songs, made into a cartoon, acted out on stage, and even a full-length movie. The Grinch hates Christmas and leaves his mountain abode to steal all the packages from the happy citizens of Whoville. But not having presents doesn’t dampen their Christmas spirit. As the whole town sings joyously, the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes too large, and he returns all the gifts. The citizens welcome him and allow him to carve the fabled roast beast.

We were overjoyed to find these Grinch delivery drivers bringing out the Christmas spirit for their customers. May they all have an abundant season, plenty of gifts under their trees, and a joyous time carving the roast beast at the Christmas holiday feast!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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