15 Best “Dads Being Dads” Moments That We’ll Cherish Forever

a two-photo collage. the first is of a hispanic dad pretending to be cold while standing in the frozen section of a store under a sign that reads "frozen hispanic." the second is of a one-year-old smiling as her dad, who is holding the camera, gives her a high-five.

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re celebrating all of the best dad moments the Internet has to offer.

From dads who routinely go the extra mile to make their children happy to those who aren’t afraid to look a little bit silly, these are the men who are raising some of the best humans around.

1. This “cool” dude recognizes a good dad joke when he spots one!

2. Sometimes you’ve just got to hop on the kitchen counter for a salsa dance-off with your adorable toddler!

3. This pregnant mama got the sweetest surprise from her father who was more than happy to babysit.


Since you guys missed my dad 🥰

♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

4. Dad offers to hold a stranger’s fussy baby and ends up walking up and down the plane aisle for hours.

5. Mom shares the heartwarming moment when her husband helped her special needs son learn to shave.

6. We can’t get enough of this dad’s hilarious Twitter feed. He just gets what it’s like to be a parent!


7. Watch this hairdressing dad turn his daughter’s day around with one perfectly-timed dad joke.

8. Thanks to the help of her dad, this widowed mom’s twins have been able to give her the best Mother’s Day memories – now she has a heartwarming montage that spans over the course of years!

9. This proud papa and his daughter put on such a cute show while singing “Girls Like You” that Maroon 5 gave them a shout out!

10. Is there anything more beautiful than hearing a new dad sing a lullaby to his baby? We think not.

11. He cooks and he’s an amazing father? Does he have any single brothers?

12. Now that she’s an adult, this woman is learning about the lengths her father went to in order to make her days magical.


When you’re still discovering the magic behind your childhood 🥹 #parenthack #grandparentsoftiktok #todayyearsold #fypシ

♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

13. This dad is helping his daughter learn important life skills before she’s even a year old. Impressive!


I’m just so blessed to be her dad 😭

♬ [Animals and dishes] Cute BGM – Sound Owl

14. Dad Zeth and his daughter Saylor have a podcast. Adorable interactions like these definitely keep listeners clicking for more!


Saylor has graduated from big girl, to the biggest big girl 🎉

♬ original sound – Zeth

15. This supportive dad helps his daughter learn ballet. We think he’s getting pretty good at it, too!


I look at my family and my heart is just so full. ❤️

♬ Turning Page – Sydney Rose

What a great group of guys! We want to thank them, and all of the other great dads, for going above and beyond to raise such kind, thoughtful kids. Words can’t express how grateful we are for you!

Don’t forget to share this heartwarming list to celebrate all of the amazing dads out there.

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