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Baby Scared Of Vacuum Runs To Husky Protector In Adorable Home Video.

Babies and dogs are some of life’s most adorable creatures – so anything involving both a baby and a pup is basically cuteness overload. And who couldn’t use a little cuteness overload in their day?

In the video below, one dog proves that he and his human sibling are not only cute, they are also the very best of friends.


The video starts with a baby walking up the hallway as her husky stands guard in a nearby corner. Suddenly, the kiddo’s dad starts up the vacuum and the baby is startled by the loud sound.

Typically, this would be the point where a dog would run for the hills. Not this good boy. The dog stands firm as the baby runs to him for protection from the scary, loud machine.


Once Dad stops the vacuum, his daughter still isn’t convinced and hesitates to the leave her protector’s side. In fact, the baby snuggles up to the dog even tighter– just in case danger is still lurking nearby.

The video only lasts 22 seconds, but it’s packed with cuteness.


People all over have watched the video, and everyone agrees, this friendship is one of the sweetest things to ever grace the internet.


What many find most remarkable, though, is the dog’s bravery and protection during this possible threat. Most pets would swiftly run away, but the husky never once cowers in fear.

Someone needs to set up a reality show that follows this little duo around… We would definitely watch!

Check out the sweet friendship in the video below, and don’t forget to share!

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