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Nervous Singer Steps Up To Mic & Blows Judges Away With “Greatest Showman” Audition.

Ever since last year’s release of “The Greatest Showman,” amateur and professional singers alike have tried to emulate Loren Allred’s voice in the film’s most memorable song, “Never Enough.”

The song’s so inherently beautiful that contestants have covered it during their auditions on such shows as “American Idol” and “The Voice Australia,” but it isn’t just staying the realm of the English-speaking world. During a recent audition on “Thailand’s Got Talent,” a contestant gave this powerful song a brass pipes treatment that left everyone vying for more!

phaya never enough

Singer Phaya starts out visibly nervous even as the opening notes fill the stage, but once she opens her mouth, the strength of her spirit emerges full blast. At least one judge is already eating out of her hands even as she enters the second verse, her eyes glittering with earnestness as she inches closer to a chorus that almost sends the roof flying!

phaya high note

We obviously can’t hear the judge over a note that high, and seriously doubt he got anywhere close to it himself. But just the fact that she moved him to try … well, you know what they say about imitation being the highest form of flattery.

judge singing

In comments on the “Thailand’s Got Talent” Facebook page, one fan alluded to the fact that English isn’t even Phaya’s native language, noting she “sang it perfectly, and clean, the pronunciation the diction and emotion,” and several others wrote that they didn’t want the audition to end and “listened to it over and over again.”

Just think how much courage it takes to get up in front of millions of critics (if you’re counting online viewers) and belting out a song that’s not even in your native language, knowing you might not hit every word or note perfectly, but having enough faith in your overall abilities regardless.

Catch the incredible full audition in the video below, and share to spread luck this season to this immensely talented performer!

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