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3-Legged Underdog Defies The Odds & Wins “Dachshund Dash” Race.

ringo weiner dog

You’ll literally be rooting for the underdog in this story!

Last month, crowds gathered at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, Minnesota, to watch a series of heated horse races. But they can get pretty intense, so everyone was happy to kick up their feet during a light-hearted intermission. Among the more than 70 competitors during this “Dachshund Dash” was Ringo, a three-legged doxie who participated in the sixth heat.

These stubby-legged racers were already stomping at the gates, even as the announcer singled him out by name, saying it “behooves all of us to pull for #3, Ringo.”(There he is, third from the right.)

dachshunds out of gate

“Ready? Go!”he shouts. They burst like little bullets out of the gates and surge forward… for all of a millisecond. Someone must be eating a hot dog or something over in the stands because they suddenly all veer off course and head toward the spectators!

They’re looking for that booty and they’re racing very erratically! Heeeere comes Dexter! Dexter, what are you doing? Don’t bite the announcer!

dexter at podium

Meanwhile, Ringo’s back there pulling up the rear. He appears to be following the herd, then pauses thoughtfully. “Wait… this is my chance!”

dachshunds off course

Taking advantage of the pandemonium, he pulls himself back in line, and suddenly he’s neck-and-neck with the only other real contender.

ringo catching up

He’s running for all he’s worth and the spectators can barely breathe. Is this really happening? Everyone was pulling for this scrappy little tripod, but no one expected this! They’re still neck and neck, but just a couple yards from the finish line, Ringo gets his second wind and pulls ahead! Does anyone else hear “Chariots of Fire” playing in the background?

“Eat. My. Dust.”


Ringo! Ringo with three legs, yes! One of the greatest stories in the history of this racetrack! A three-legged dog just won!

ringo the winner

Way to go, Ringo! What a champion. We’ll be pulling for this cutie when he races the other heat winners in September!

Check out this adorable race in the video below, and share to spread congratulations!

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