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Cat Falls More In Love With Owner Every Time He Plays Piano For Her.

sarper duman pianist cat

Scrolling through someone’s social media accounts will give you a pretty good idea about their likes and hobbies.

For Sarper Duman, his keyboard and feline friends dominate his platforms. As of last year, he’d rescued nine cats from the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, nursed them back to health, and made them permanent residents in his home. What’s especially surprising, though, is that they share his love of the piano, too! Although, being cats, they’re probably more attracted to the keyboard’s warmth than anything else…

cats on keyboard

But that’s not to say they don’t like his music. They do! In fact, one of the family’s nightly rituals involves gathering around the piano and listening to him play. It’s a win-win situation for all since Sarper gets an audience and the cats are lulled to sleep (or at least into cat naps). That’s because his taste in music veers toward the classical, not boogie-woogie or heavy metal.

sarper and cats

I always play piano at my home almost every night and whenever I sit to play, all my cats come around, they hang out with me and they love to sleep around the piano … They are peaceful, I am more at peace thanks to them.

But one cat in particular, Pianist Cat, loves both the music and the fact that it gives her an excuse to get in some cuddle time with her favorite human.

In an old video that resurfaced, the loving cat starts out with an affectionate little headbutt and smooch!

sarper duman

Then, she settles down in an almost trance-like state, her eyes closed as the notes wash over her. Sarper seems just as enamored with his kitten bestie as she is with him.

sarper duman cat

“That cat 100% thinks they’re dating,” one viewer wrote.

But most of the other commenters take a more serious approach, noting the sheer peace and serenity on both Sarper and Pianist Cat’s faces as the scene plays out. It’s obvious these two are already extremely bonded, but playing and listening to music together further cements their connection.

cat keyboard comment

We couldn’t agree more! Watch this incredibly tender-hearted moment in the video below, and share this sweet PDA today!

And if you want more kitten cuteness, follow Sarper here!

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