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4 Swimmers Sit On Edge Of Giant Tank, But When The Music Starts Playing It’s Amazing!

I can’t pretend to be an expert on synchronized swimming, but when I saw this routine on Britain’s Got Talent, I was blown away! The four women of Aquatique, were all former international synchronized swimmers for Great Britain; meaning they were talented enough to¬†compete for a spot at the London Olympics!

“This is almost like a second chance to pursue that dream,” said one swimmer through tears. “Maybe even win Britain’s Got Talent! That would be the best!”

It may sound to some, like four people splashing around in funny costumes, but synchronized swimming is no easy task. These women are real athletes! As one swimmer tells the judges, the routine is 80% underwater, “so it’s like running and holding your breath at the same time.”

They. Are. Fierce! The music is a medley of Chariots of Fire, Kanye West’s Stronger, and Gonna Fly Now (also known as the theme song from Rocky) with a voiceover narrating Great Britain taking the gold in Olympic races. So epic!

The judges loved the routine. Simon Cowell called it patriotic: “It made me feel proud.”


In the end, all¬†three judges said “yes” to their routine, passing them on to the next round. Four years later, Aquabatique is still considered one of the best groups to go through Britain’s Got Talent, and we can see why. Their routine is awesome!

Check out the full video below, and don’t miss the adorable moment when the swimmers celebrate their victory in the pool!

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