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Editor’s Picks: 15 Stories Of Love To Warm Your Soul

There isn’t a single complete definition of love because when you look for it, you’ll find it showing up in countless ways.

Families, couples, and best friends all have their own unique stories, each one as heartwarming as the last. As proof, here are our favorite 15 stories from the past year, all of which share one thing in common: love!

1. This grandma had the purest reaction to the news that she’d be moving in with her grandson.

2. A foster mom officially adopted a 17-year-old who’d been in the system for nearly 4,000 days.

3. A WWII veteran’s wife shared her gorgeous wedding dress, which was made from a parachute her husband sent home to her during the war.

4. This grandfather and his grandson did a photo shoot together to show off their matching heart surgery scars.

5. A bridesmaid got the surprise of her life at her friend’s wedding (who happens to be the coolest bride ever).

6. Tao the golden retriever went blind and now has his own little seeing eye dog to help him out.

7. The story of a couple who met during lockdown because their balconies were across from each other.

8. After helping a wrongfully-convicted prisoner go free, this WNBA star married him!

9. When he was born, Braden’s doctors didn’t think he’d survive, but he graduated high school and asked his hospice nurse to take his senior photos!

10. This couple celebrated their 60th anniversary with a photo shoot in the same clothes they wore on their wedding day.

11. At birth, they were each given a 2 percent chance of survival. Now, these best friends have graduated high school together.

12. When this teen’s prom was canceled, her dad asked her to share a dance with him at home.

13. The heartwarming bond between this toddler and his new baby sister, and his adorable reaction when his parents took her away from him.

14. A sweet story about how one couple came to be Katelynn’s “adopted” grandparents – and the amazing relationship they’ve had ever since.

15. Love was on display when this man serenaded his wife during her battle with cancer.

Love is in the air! From loyal puppers to best pals and relationships that last a lifetime, our hearts can hardly handle the goodness.

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