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15 Modern-Day Heroes To Celebrate During Black History Month

There is no shortage of amazing people to recognize and celebrate during Black History Month, but since modern-day role models are often overshadowed by historical ones, we thought we would highlight some of our favorite moments from the past year.

From a lifesaving coach, to a barber who helps those in need, to a police officer who gave away her own car, here are some truly inspiring Black heroes!

1. Khaleel Seivwright, a carpenter who took it upon himself to build shelters for the homeless people affected by COVID-19.

2. Donavia Walker, a woman who was born without arms and refused to let anything stop her from achieving her dreams!

3. Sadio Mané, a professional soccer player who puts the majority of his salary toward improving the lives of people in his hometown.

4. Officer Veronica Campbell, who gave away her own vehicle to a mom of five because the woman needed the car more than she did.

5. Henry Darby, a high school principal who worked through the night at Walmart so he could earn extra money to help his struggling students.

6. Sandra Aguebor, Nigeria’s first female mechanic, who is making it possible for other women to follow in her footsteps.

7. Nikki, a Target shopper who paid for a cart full of classroom supplies for a teacher she had never met.

8. José Brito, who jumped into the water without hesitation to save a man who was drowning.

9. Darrion Cockrell, Missouri’s Teacher of the Year, who was once a gang member saved by teachers of his own.

10. Joshua Santiago, a barber who travels around offering free haircuts to people in need.

11. Lawrence Brooks, who is the oldest living WWII veteran at 111 years old.

12. Seyi Oluyole, a once-homeless woman who has dedicated her life to helping kids in poverty – through the art of dance!

13. Dr. Terrance Newton, an elementary school principal who found an amazing way to connect with his at-risk students.

14. Richie Parker, a man who was born without arms but refused to let that stop him from becoming a NASCAR engineer.

15. Earle Smith, a track coach who, when a 10-year-old collapsed at a track meet, rushed to give her CPR and ended up saving her life.

Each and every one of these wonderful individuals is a hero! We’re so happy to know they’re out there watching over their communities!

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