Woman Who Grew Up Homeless Helps Kids In Poverty By Teaching Them To Dance.

Staying in school is incredibly difficult for kids who don’t know where they’ll be sleeping or when they’ll get their next meal.

That’s why this woman in Nigeria is doing everything in her power to brighten their futures! Seyi Oluyole is the founder of the Dream Nurture Foundation and the Dream Catchers Academy. She’s also a mentor, dance instructor, and surrogate mother.

dream catchers

Growing up, Seyi was no stranger to homelessness. She had to sleep on the streets with her family and remembers wishing someone would come help her. Dance became her escape and helped her through those difficult years, and now she’s using it to support other kids trying to get an education.

“When you are dancing, you get to be free,” she said. “You get to forget whatever it is that you are going through, and you just let go.”

Seyi started working with children living in poverty as a teenager and never stopped. Today, she runs the Dream Catchers Academy (The Happy Kids), which provides free dance, drama, and music classes to children who couldn’t otherwise afford them. She even houses those without parents or homes!

dream catchers

As Seyi learned firsthand, dancing is a wonderful way for kids to express themselves. It’s also a great tool for building confidence, spreading joy, and nurturing a desire to learn.

Many of the children who couldn’t read before are breezing through their schoolwork now!

“I am proud when they learn a new word and they use it in a sentence,” she said. “I am even more proud when they go to a performance and they kill it and everyone wants to know who their choreographer is.”

Many Dream Catchers’ dance videos have gone viral and caught the attention of celebrities like Beyonce, Naomi Campbell, and Rihanna. But their ultimate goal is far more important than fame!

“My wish is to tour the world and heal people with the joy these kids exude, irrespective of their pasts,” Seyi added. “I believe the future holds great things for us. The world will know our name.”

dream catchers dancers

What a beautiful way for Seyi to turn her hardship into other children’s triumphs. She has certainly become the hero she spent years hoping for! You can help her make an even bigger impact by donating here.

Learn more about the Dream Catchers Academy in the video below, and share this story to spread the word.

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