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15 Kids And Pets At The Top Of Santa’s Lists… Both Naughty And Nice!

kids hugging on left, dog sitting in dirty bathwater on right

During the holidays, kids and pets’ behaviors call into two polarizing categories: Have they been naughty… or nice?

Now is the time of year when Santa sits down to check his list (twice!), so we thought we’d help him out by sharing a few examples of the good, the bad, and the downright naughty!

Here are 15 animals and kids whose behavior landed them squarely on one of the big man’s lists, for better or for worse.

1. On the Nice List: watch how these little kids welcomed their classmate back to school after he got out of the hospital.

2. Meanwhile, on the Naughty list: this toddler channels his inner attorney while explaining how he and siblings wound up covered in marker.

3. On the Nice List: this sweet dog always insists that his stuffed animal friend gets first bite of his food.

4. On the Naughty List: He may look cute, but this dog faked a very expensive injury just for attention. Tsk tsk!

5. Firmly on the Nice List: This young fan didn’t hesitate to give his new puck to the baby next to him, just because!

6. Naughty List: This wild parrot stole a reporter’s earbud right out of his ear… while he was live on air!

7. Nice List: A dog named River who brings his special bear to you anytime he wants to say, “thank you.”

8. Naughty List: The look on his face says it all! This toddler couldn’t be happier to be trapped inside a claw machine.

9. Nice List: Incredibly understanding toddler has unexpectedly sweet reaction to mom eating all his candy.

10. Naughty List: this dog was left alone for 2 minutes… and he came home like this.

11. Nice List: All the neighborhood kids teamed up to help a little boy learn to ride his bike without training wheels.

12. Naughty List: We’ve seen our share of counter-surfing dogs, but this guilty guy deserves some kind of prize.

13. Nice List: Sometimes we all just need to hear, “I want you.”

14. Naughty List: Cat gets busted in the middle of trying to steal from a drawer.

15. Nice List: Empathetic horse just how to comfort her owner after she breaks down in tears.

Sometimes we need the bitter to really appreciate the sweet! There’s room on our lists for both naughty and nice.

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