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Toddler Climbs Into Claw Machine And Gleefully Claims All The Toys Before His Rescue.

A toddler is seen smiling while inside a toy claw machine.

A toddler has lived up to the nickname of “Dennis the Menace.”

Two-year-old Brooklyn Larsen was in search of a toy while out with his family. Curiosity is a trait of most children, and Brooklyn’s search was no different – except his quest for a toy led him to crawl inside a claw machine filled with stuffed animals and toys. His mother Ashlee Larsen, of Melbourne, Australia, said they were eating at a local restaurant when she noticed it had been a while since she had seen her son. He was playing in an indoor playground.

“I thought, ‘I haven’t seen him in a couple of minutes, I’m sure he’s probably just in the slide’, Ashley told 7News. “But another minute went by and I didn’t see him come out, so I thought I’d better go check on him.”

She then looked up and saw him smiling at her from inside the toy machine up to his knees in stuffed toys. One would think this would have scared the child… Well, nope. The toddler’s joy couldn’t be missed from his smiles and giggles in a darling video. Simply put: He was having a ball!

“He crawled through the door that the teddies come out of, and climbed his way up the chute into the machine,” Ashlee told Storyful, adding that her son was initially, “very happy with himself and was throwing the toys down the chute for all his friends.”

The restaurant manager called the fire brigade for help. However, before they could arrive, Brooklyn began to cry. This is when Ashlee’s partner Troy Wright stepped in and tried to get the toddler out of the machine.

“It was actually pretty hard to get him out, because as he was chucking the toys down the chute, it was kind of blocking it, like clogging it up,” Troy said.

As they struggled to free the toddler, they thought to themselves what could motivate him to come out. It came down to one word: “Nanny.”

“I thought, what’s going to get him down? His favorite person, his nanny,” Ashlee shared. “So I said ‘Nanny’s here, come and see Nanny’. So, straight away he went ‘Nanny?’ and he just turned around backwards and he just slid on out.”

Talk about a sigh of relief! Thankfully, Brooklyn came away from the incident with no injury. Oh, and he got a nice bonus: He took two stuffed toys with him to commemorate his adventure!

Watch the little guy get caught in the act below, and share this story to celebrate Brooklyn’s safe rescue.

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