Cheeky Parrot Steals Reporter’s Ear Bud During Live Broadcast About Theft.

Chilean reporter has earbud stolen by parrot mid broadcast

There are moments in life when the irony is just too perfect.

Chilean news reporter Nicolás Krumm was doing a live stand-up for CHV Noticias about a neighborhood robbery when he noticed a wild parrot sitting on a tree nearby. As he spoke about the crime, the bird suddenly fluttered over to his shoulder and sat there for a few seconds, a trick it can take domesticated parrots years to learn.

Amused, Nicolás keeps reporting, but gestures to the camera man in a, “hey, can you believe this?” sort of way. Little did he know, the fun was just beginning!

As the reporter continued to talk about the robbery, the parrot reached over and casually plucked his earbud right out of his ear. Then, before Nicolás could react, the bird flew away.

Like a true professional, he continued with his story even as he tried to figure out what just happened.

“It’s just taken my earpiece,” he said in exasperation while holding back a smile.

The good news is that the bird dropped the ear bud, most likely because it was not the tasty morsel it assumed it was, and Nicolás was able to find it in the bushes. No harm done! Plus, now we all get to enjoy this adorable example of “man versus wild.”

Watch the hilarious video below, and don’t forget to share to spread the giggles.

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