15 Soothing Gifs To Help You De-Stress

We’ve told you before how you can snack your way to a better afternoon when you’re feeling tired, but what about when you’re stressed? There’s always these mood-boosting beverages, relaxing music, and GIFs!

“How could a GIF help me manage my stress?” you might ask. Well, check out the gifs below and see if the soothing images don’t calm your mind! There’s something about the repetition and simplicity that is so relaxing… We’ve searched the web for our favorites, so please enjoy our top 15 GIFs to de-stress!

1. Inhale, exhale…

2. Never-ending loop

3. This makes me crave winter

4. I could seriously watch this one all day.

5. I’m slipping into a trance…


6. The only thing more calming than the sound of rain is watching rain

7. …I mean, just look.

8. Oooh and this ocean scene!

9. Mesmerizing

10. When metal-working is more soothing than a massage…


11. I aspire to be more like “calming cat”

12. Just breathe

@NATHANWPYLE on Instagram

13. Woahhhh…

14. This should lull you to sleep!


15. And, lastly, there’s nothing more relaxing than a gorgeous sunset.


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