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Youngest “American Idol” Winner Ever Tosses Her Hat In The Ring As Katy Perry’s Replacement

Close up of Katy Perry as she starts to talk. She's wearing an off-the-shoulder dress

After seven years of being a judge on American Idol, Katy Perry is moving on to other projects. Namely, she’s set to release new music, something she hasn’t done since 2020 with Smile. While there are plenty of fans of the show who are upset by Perry leaving, they’re also eager to find out who will be replacing the star. Although there have been many suggestions, there are also those who are eager to throw their own hats into the ring.

One of those people just so happens to be the youngest winner of American Idol ever… Jordin Sparks! In 2007, Sparks made history at only 17 years old! Since then, she’s gone on to have an amazing career — this includes her hit song No Air. Since her coveted win, she’s gone on to release four studio albums. Her fifth, No Restrictions, will be released at some point this year. Amidst making new music, however, Sparks would love to give back by helping budding artists.

“I’ve been in their shoes,” Sparks says, explaining why she’s interested in the role. “I know the insanity that comes when the show you’re on gets really popular, and all of a sudden you go from being a ‘normal’ person to being so recognizable.”

American Idol Alum, Jordin Sparks, Shares Why She Would Love to Replace Katy Perry

Sparks makes a very good point. While there are lots of popular artists who could guide American Idol contestants, her experience of winning the show is so unique and valuable. I can’t imagine how much the contestants would appreciate having someone with firsthand experience to guide them!

So, although Perry’s replacement has yet to be announced, Sparks remains hopeful — as do all of her fans!

“It would be fun to be able to sit in a space to be like, ‘I know exactly what you’re feeling right now,’ and I can help guide you through that,'” Sparks says. “One day, who knows. We’ll see.”

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