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Katy Perry Opens Up About Leaving “American Idol” And If She Will Return

Katy Perry raises an arm in the air as she holds a mic with the other, smiling slightly

As of Sunday night, Katy Perry is officially no longer an American Idol judge. Needless to say, fans of both the show and singer are having a lot of feelings about this change. This especially makes sense when you consider the fact that she was a huge part of the show for seven whole seasons! But fans aren’t the only ones getting emotional over her exit — Perry is also feeling it.

That’s why, during the finale, Perry honored the contestants she’s helped on the show by putting their faces on a massive, beautiful dress. But as much as Perry is feeling emotional about her choice to leave the show, she’s also looking forward to what the future holds, which includes new music! So, if you’re feeling sad about Perry’s absence from the show, she’s happy to reassure everyone that you’ll still be seeing her around. Plus, this may not be the last you see her on American Idol

“Well, everybody’s sad. I’m like, it’s not like I’m dying! I’m just going to see you on tour,” Perry says, adding, “Keep that seat hot. I mean, who knows? I loved everything I got to experience and learn [on American Idol].”

Katy Perry Looks Toward the Future After Emotional American Idol Exit

While Perry starts to focus more on her own music again, she’s also joining in on the conversation around who might replace her as judge. Although she doesn’t know any details, she does have a few thoughts.

“I hope it’s someone fearless. I hope it’s someone that doesn’t mince their words, maybe someone a little polarizing just like myself,” Perry shares. “There’s a lot of people that’s like, ‘She’s awful! She should go!’ And there’s a lot of people that are like, ‘She speaks her mind! She’s authentic!’ Whatever, you can’t win ’em all. I think it’s actually better not to win ’em all because that means you actually have a point of view.”

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