You Decide: Did This Cat Learn How To Use An iPad To Watch Bird Videos?

Images show a cat using a paw and its tongue to scroll through videos on an iPad.

Cats seem enthralled with screens, but can a cat use an iPad? Many pet owners put on YouTube compilations of birds or fish for their cats when leaving the house. The fun folks at Purina have a complete list of pet-friendly videos for you. One cat owner has to put on the Grinch movie and other cartoons to satisfy her cat Ella’s addition to TV.

Cats can also be taught how to interact when using a touch screen. When my cats were tiny, I would entertain them with Fruit Ninja. After being shown how to slice fruit a few times, they learned to swipe their paw at it to make fruit salad.

Earlier this month, we saw a cat chasing digital koi in a realistic-looking LED pond. It is not a far stretch to think that a cat can use an iPad to view videos. However, there are now apps specifically for cats! Purina also discusses apps with interactive cat games that owners can download for free.

Cats will watch videos on TV, cell phones, and tablets. This is Ella, whom we introduced earlier.

Image shows Ella the cat watching her favorite movie, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.
Image from YouTube.

Cat Fishing 2 for iPhone, iPad, And Android

This app from Friskies® is available through the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Android users can find it at the Google Play Store. The game allows your feline friends to earn points while they hunt, catch, and release digital fish. Once you have downloaded the app, place your device on a flat surface. The game begins after you tap “PLAY,” and your kitty can immediately earn points.

Users can personalize the game with different fish and pond settings. If your cat leaves the screen alone for ten seconds, the game will meow at them.

Image shows two screens from a game developed for cats to play on tablets and phones.
Images from the App Store.

Games For Cats For All Devices

These are interactive games consisting of different games for your cats. You can find a version in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. There is a similar game for Android users in the Google Play Store. These are chasing games. Various enticing critters fly or crawl across the screen, and your cat “chases” them. Be aware that these games may offer in-app purchases, so you’ll want to deactivate that feature before letting your cat play.

We’re unsure if the cat we saw watching videos in the first clip is actively choosing what to watch. The cat may be just letting his tongue decide the programming. The fact that a cat can learn to interact with a touchscreen device is pretty definitive. Game manufacturers would not design games for our furry friends if they couldn’t learn.

Cat watching bird videos on an iPad.
Image from TikTok.

If you’re ready to use an iPad to enrich your cat’s life, try one of the above-mentioned games. If you want them to have video fun without interaction, check out the video list from Purina. We hope you enjoyed considering ways a cat might use an iPad. Please share this with cat-owning friends who might be looking for ways to entertain their feline friends.

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