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Cat Tries Catching Fish In Colorful “Pond,” Can’t Figure Out Why It’s Not Working.

A cat chases realistic-looking koi on an LED touch screen pond.

Technology is incredible, especially when our eyes think we see something that isn’t there. Such was the case with an innocent little tuxedo kitten. He was quite certain he could catch himself a beautiful koi. But alas, the cat pond and its lovely fish were an illusion in a fictitious sea of LED fantasy.

Cat chasing LED fish on a touch screen pond.
Image from X (Twitter).

Our video focus was posted on X by user Science Girl. The original post from a person proclaiming to be the CEO of LED TOKYO tells us that the LED pond is something that “… even cats misunderstand” and “LED that also responds to cats.” As you watch the video, you will notice that each time the cat touches the LED screen, it looks like he is disturbing the actual water. There should be splashing water and a wet, unhappy cat.

Other incredible visual entertainment screens are appearing worldwide, but especially in Japan. An amazing Godzilla-sized 3-dimensional calico cat entertains pedestrians in Tokyo with its realistic antics. As technology advances, we can expect more gizmos and gadgets that will astonish our senses.

For our cat, the pond and fish can serve as an active way to engage his brain and work on instinctual hunting. Cat owners have been using screens to entertain their cats for many years. One man built his rescue cat a bedroom with a tiny TV. When my kittens were tiny, I used Fruit Ninja on my iPad to keep them busy. They loved swiping fruit!

Fruit Ninja game is an excellent way to engage a kitten's hunting instinct.
Image from Flickr.

This new technology with LED ponds, realistic-looking koi, and the illusion of water movement can be relaxing for humans, too. Imagine having the joy of a koi pond without the necessary labor of keeping it clean and feeding the fish!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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