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Guy Sends Graduation Pics To Wrong Number, But Stranger’s Text Back Has Internet Cheering!

Sometimes texting the wrong number can lead to embarrassment or an awkward encounter. Sometimes, it turns out way better than you’d expect.

It’s easy to send a text message to the wrong number, and one recent college graduate did just that. Instead of getting an annoyed ‘you have the wrong number’ text or no response at all, Coastal Carolina’s Justin Campbell received an uplifting reply from a stranger.

Minutes after his college graduation ceremony, Campbell sent these pictures to an errant number.


Instead of sending the photos to the intended recipient, Campbell sent them to a real estate agent named Roger Hawkins.


The unsuspecting father of three (who moonlights as a punk rock singer) was surprised to receive the text from a stranger, but the good natured fellow responded with a selfie of his own along with words of encouragement and a link to a custom iTunes playlist.


Campbell took to Twitter to share the hilarious encounter, racking up thousands of shares in just a few hours. People couldn’t get enough of their amazing exchange.


In an interesting twist, Campbell mistakenly published Hawkins’ phone number on Twitter.

In the aftermath of the viral tweet, a “significant” number of people have been sending him text messages. Thankfully, Hawkins is ‘a pretty easy going guy’ and gets a kick out of the kind messages.




Even dogs are sending him love!

And of course, Hawkins received a few more selfies of recent grads hoping for an encouraging word of their own. “I’ve had a kid reach out to me from Nigeria, another from the Netherlands. It’s been really incredible,” Hawkins told ABC Columbia.

This story proves that the smallest act of kindness can make the world a better place. Take the time to be kind today!

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