Women Selflessly Help Their Sister Live Her Dream Of Becoming A Mother After Years Of Trying

Three sisters in a hospital, one of them holding a baby.

When a woman found out that she wouldn’t be able to have kids, her incredible sisters stepped in to make it happen for her through surrogacy. At 38, Jaclyn Fieberg had already been through her fair share of loss. After multiple attempts at getting pregnant through IVF, doctors discovered that the woman had mosaic Turner syndrome. This would make it very difficult for Jaclyn and her husband to have children.

However, there was still one option the couple hadn’t tried: an egg transfer. When Jaclyn’s sisters, 40-year-old Stephanie Corritori and 34-year-old Meredith McIntyre, heard that she was looking for a donor, they were more than willing to step in! Unfortunately, Stephanie found out that, as much as she wanted to help, her eggs weren’t up to the task. So, it was up to Meredith!

Three sisters standing together outside and smiling.
Screengrab from YouTube

That’s when another setback occurred. According to Today, Jaclyn Fieberg still wasn’t able to have a baby, even with her sister’s eggs. However, these siblings weren’t out of alternatives just yet. It was complicated, but their next idea was just crazy enough to work. What if younger sister Meredith provided the eggs, while older sister Stephanie offered surrogacy?

As it turns out, that was the magic combination! People tells us that, about a month ago, baby Emersyn Fieberg was born to her aunt, Stephanie.

A newborn baby wrapped in a white blanket.
Screengrab from YouTube

“My water broke while I was volunteering in my daughter’s classroom with a bunch of first graders,” said the surrogate sister. “I ran out of the classroom and Emersyn came about four or five hours later.”

Jaclyn Fieberg couldn’t be more thrilled to finally be a mom, and she owes it all to her awesome sisters who handled the surrogacy. Of course, these two women weren’t just acting out of sympathy. Both of them knew firsthand how heartbreaking it was to struggle in the fertility department.

“We have always been there for each other,” Stephanie said. “We were there for Jaclyn because we needed each other. But we have always needed each other.”

Three sisters in a hospital, one of them holding a baby.
Screengrab from YouTube

Meredith added that baby Emersyn is very precious to her.

“She’ll definitely always have a special place in my heart, but not because it’s my egg, but because I know I had a part in her being here,” she said.

Emersyn was certainly born into an incredibly loving family! We’re wishing all the best to Jaclyn Fieberg as she continues her motherhood journey. She’s very lucky to have her two sisters there for her through surrogacy and beyond!

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