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Wholesome: Woman Lights Up Every Time Her Boyfriend Picks Her Up From Train Station

View from someone inside a car. A woman smiles wide, mouth open, as she rushes toward the car.

When you’re with the right person, even the most mundane moments in life can feel special. For JK and his girlfriend, this includes the times when he’s either picking her up or dropping her off in their car. His girlfriend travels to work on a local train but needs a ride to get there, so these wholesome moments happen often — and this sweet boyfriend couldn’t be happier about that!

Whenever he drops his girlfriend off at the train station, every single time, she takes a moment to look back and wave at him through the gate. Then, when he picks her up, she absolutely beams with joy as soon as she spots him. Rather than walking to the car, she picks up her pace, clearly ecstatic! But these moments don’t just happen in relation to work. It happens so often, in fact, JK made an adorable compilation to share on social media.

@dr_jk_ #couplegoals #mygf ♬ A Gentle Sunlight – James Quinn

“Every time she’s always so happy to come home,” JK shares in the video. “And we’ll aways keep waving.”

JK isn’t the only one who recognizes how sweet it is for his girlfriend to always be so happy whenever she spots their car. Folks from all around the world are moved by their relationship.

Wholesome Boyfriend and Girlfriend Melt Hearts Everywhere

“Some people are just the sweetest people by nature,” one person writes. “Look after her mate. Anyone who has someone like that beautiful lady in their life should cherish her.”

“She really is the sunshine of my life,” JK says in reply to the previous comment. “I cherish her every second.”

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