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Woman With Dementia Travels 10K Miles To Meet Great-Grandson & Their Instant Connection Is Beautiful

dementia great-grandson

A 93-year-old woman with dementia traveled the globe to meet her great-grandson. His mom caught their instant bond on video, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Many children never get the chance to meet their great-grandparents. But a little boy named Teddy was lucky enough to spend time with his great-grandmother, who is almost a century older than him.

According to a TikTok video, despite having dementia, his “nan” flew all the way from the United Kingdom to Australia to meet the baby boy face to face, and what her granddaughter, Carrie Charleston, caught on video was magical.

A viral clip shows Nan and Teddy sitting on the floor, completely lost in each other as they laugh and play games. Nan swings her arms and makes silly noises while Teddy tries to mimic her and giggles along.

In the caption, Carrie explained that Nan came “alive” when she sat down with Teddy.

The “Real Love” Between The Woman And Her Great-Grandson Is Heartwarming

The video has been shared dozens of times on social media, and people are touched by the way Teddy seems to heal his great-grandmother.

“Real love is what we all need ❤️👏,” someone wrote on Instagram.

“Oh my goodness so precious, his little laugh as well so cute,” another commenter shared under the original video.

Carrie shared with ABC News that it’s like her nan is “back to her old self” when she spends time with the baby, which isn’t surprising based on recent research.

Doctors have learned that babies have an extremely soothing effect on people who suffer from dementia. In fact, many long-term care facilities will use doll therapy to recreate the benefits. When patients hold dolls or spend time with babies, they show much lower levels of anxiety. They also have increased social abilities, eat more, and show overall higher levels of happiness.

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