Woman Who Was Bullied At Gym Tearfully Shares How One Man’s Comment Makes Her Day.

A woman sits in her car, sweating after the gym. She looks emotional as she holds one hand to her face, seemingly wiping her eye.

When Stephanie developed deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and a pulmonary embolism (PE), her life changed. Thankfully, though, she did survive. Now, she’s on blood thinners and regularly goes to the gym in order to feel and look her best. But as far too many plus-sized women know, getting bullied at the gym is an all too frequent occurrence, especially if you aren’t already considered physically fit.


Stephanie has been going to the gym for over two years now, so she’s no stranger to random rude remarks. Once, as she was leaving, two men passed her. One of them let out a fake cough, muttering “ogre” under his breath. She glanced back as they continued walking, and they were both laughing.

View from behind of a woman named Stephanie at the gym as she gets ready to do an assisted pull-up.

It’s no wonder, then, that Stephanie finds herself concerned when it seems like someone is staring at her for too long. It’s also why, when a tough looking man recently called out to her at the gym, her mind immediately went to a worst-case scenario — but she was quickly proven wrong.

After Getting Bullied at the Gym, Woman is Surprised by Kind Stranger

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“I’ve seen you in here every week — almost every day,” the stranger says to Stephanie. “… and I’m proud of you.”

These simple yet impactful words of kindness turned Stephanie’s day around. She had been struggling for weeks, especially after the rude comments from those bullies, so this was exactly what she needed.

Stephanie smiles as she takes a selfie. She's wearing a red dress with white flowers and is wearing makeup.

“You have no idea how much people that are going through something appreciate the kindness because he didn’t have to say it — he doesn’t even know what I’m going through,” Stephanie shares, later adding, “I think that we need to be more encouraging toward people.”

Never underestimate the power of kind words!

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