Customer Who Accidentally Stiffed Server Out Of Tip Goes Above And Beyond To Make It Right.

server tip

When a man realized he accidentally stiffed his server, he went out of the way to get her a tip, and he’s giving us restored faith in humanity.


The Side Street Pour House and Grill in Lenoir, NC, shared the story on Facebook. They wrote that a man had accidentally taken the wrong credit card receipt after dining at the restaurant with his wife. Meaning, he unwittingly took the signed version with the gratuity added instead of the customer copy.

Later, he noticed that his bank drafted a much smaller amount than he expected, so he immediately looked into the matter. After looking through his receipts, he realized what happened. Then he sent a letter to Side Street Pour House and Grill that explained what happened and included a $20 tip for the server.

Letter with server tip

“While the food was fully paid for, the tip, which I had intended to leave for our server, Hope C, was not relayed back to VISA,” he wrote. “I can only trust that Hope will forgive my blunder.”

“That was no way for either of us to end 2023,” he concluded. “Here’s to a fresh start.”

The restaurant hared a picture of the letter and praised the man for his effort.”

“Our servers work hard to give our customers excellent dining experiences and earn their tips,” they wrote. “But sometimes either accidentally (like this example) or intentionally (which is really not cool) they find themselves left without. That’s why we are loving this letter so much — it’s a beautiful example of how to do the right thing!!”

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