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Woman Shares Strange Object She Saw Stuck In Squirrel Nest Online & Hilarity Ensues

Left image shows a squirrel nest with an odd object built into the side. Right image shows a stock image of a juvenile squirrel.

Squirrels are industrious builders regarding nests, or dreys, for their babies. They will use any material but often build with small sticks and leaves. The sticks are loosely woven together to form the bottom and then sides of the enclosed structure. Squirrels will return to a previous nest and beef it up year after year in a favorite tree. While on a walk, Katie Rogalski noticed a squirrel nest in one of the trees in her neighborhood. Although seeing a nest wasn’t unusual, this squirrel nest included a curious object.

Image shows a squirrel's nest in a tree with a toy horse built into the side of the nest.
Image from Facebook.

Yes, that is the posterior end of a plastic toy horse built into the squirrel nest. No one knows why it is there, but the commenters have several speculations. One suggested that the squirrel wanted a horse head decoration inside the nest. The by-product of that suggestion was the other half of the horse in its current position. If your neighbor has an animal head on their den wall, sneak outside and see if they neglected to remove the other half.

The picture angle shows that the nest is 12 to 15 feet up, which is quite a distance for the small animal to carry a toy roughly the same size as the squirrel. WOW!

Left image shows how high in the tree a squirrel's is. Right image shows a close-up of the weird object (a toy horse) used as a part of the nest.
Image from Facebook.

Perhaps this little squirrel is a fan of The Godfather and is sending a not-so-subtle message to an enemy. Or perhaps he has an unfriendly neighbor who is a horse’s … anyway, moving on. The comments are almost as hilarious as the image. One commenter who really understands mothers posted, “It’s probably a My Little pony themed drey…. Mama’s will do anything for their babies.” We hope the squirrel enjoys his custom nest with its odd object.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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