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Cat Won’t Stop Bringing New Baby Random Assortments Of Objects

Image shows a cat bringing a toy to a baby.

One trend on social media is showing babies “new” things to see their reactions. While some parents carry their baby around the house to see closets, freezers, and other new things, Ashtyn on TikTok, brought random items to their daughter. The video series is now on part 7, but there is a new twist. Their cat has taken over the duties and brings their baby toys!


She hasnt quite figured out the baby doesn’t know how to play with her yet… #funny #funnyvideos #funnybabyvideos #baby #cat #catsoftiktok @Daisy Cherney

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It began with them bringing the cat to the baby. The transition to the cat bringing toys to the baby is a natural progression. Cats are curious by nature. After learning that the baby posed no threat, the cat became curious and began bringing toys to interact with this new family member.

After dropping off a toy at the baby’s feet, the cat decided that bonding time was necessary. Snuggling up next to the baby, she makes herself comfortable as the baby pats her gently. The scene is precious.

Image shows a cat settling down for some snuggle time after bring a toy to the baby.
Image from TikTok.

The two will form a great bond as the baby grows, and these exchanges will continue. To see more of these awesome interactions, you can follow the family on TikTok. It is important for families to introduce new babies to any animal to make the introductions as stress-free as possible. It would seem that this family has nailed that blend with precision.

Cats will bring toys (presents) to people as a way of showing thanks. Sometimes, the gifts aren’t so pleasant, but cats see us as large cats and think we really stink at hunting, so they’re being helpful. Hopefully, this cat will continue to bring toys and not the less favorable gifts to the baby!

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