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Woman Shares Heart-Wrenchingly Beautiful Text Messages She Received After Car Accident

View of a road after an accident. There's an ambulance on the side of the road, a helicopter on the road, and a helicopter in the air. Text on the image reads: still thinking of these texts I received in the hospital almost 2 years ago...

In an instant, our entire lives can change. This is what happened to Ang after a car accident that happened in 2022. She was only 18 years old at the time, and the accident left her paralyzed. This was devastating news, of course, and her healing journey hasn’t been easy. Still, Ang couldn’t be more grateful to be given a second chance at life. The paramedics who came to her rescue, of course, are part of the reason why that’s possible.

If you’ve never been a paramedic, you might think that they don’t give that much thought to the folks they help. They do help so many people, after all. This is likely what Ang thought — at least until she got texts from those very paramedics who helped save her life. Turns out, they were wondering how she was doing long after the accident.

Text from a paramedic on August 15, 2022:

Hi there. I'm the medic that took care of you on the scene before you flew out. Going to be honest. A lot of us are still thinking about you all and hope you are recovering. Some calls bother us even after they are over and yours was one of them.

As the paramedic in the above text explains, some of the calls they get stay with them for a long time. Oftentimes, they get little to no updates after, so it can leave them wondering. According to lots of comments on Ang’s post, this experience is actually super common.

Paramedics Who Saved a Teen’s Life Check in On Her Via Heartwarming Texts

“As a paramedic, we wonder how you are. We think about you days, weeks, months and years later,” someone shares. “Hearing from you heals a part of us that breaks for you.”

“My husband is a paramedic, and I’m a trauma therapist for first responders,” another writes. “They need to hear their work worked.”

Text from a paramedic dated on September 5, 2022:

Good morning, my name is Wayne [redacted]. I was on the ambulance with you and at the call for you and your friends family and I have received a few updates since that day but was wondering how things are going for all of you

The second text Ang got came from a paramedic named Wayne. Although he got some updates on the teen, he was hoping to get more by reaching out directly. He noted that the reason why was so he could pass the info to “some of our volunteers as a lot of times we don’t hear anything on how folks make out.”

Paramedic Texts Inspire Similar Stories From Folks On Social Media

Amidst the heartbreakingly sweet comments, one of them came from from Wayne himself! This led to a heartwarming interaction between the two of them, as seen below.

Comments on social media.

Wayne Marshall: Not a day goes by that I don't think about that terrifying day for you. I think about how your doing all the time even time to time we talk about you and what you had to go through since

Ang: thankyou so much. heart emoji. I appreciate you all so much!!

In addition to paramedics confirming that they think about the folks they help often, there are others like Ang sharing their own experiences. Together, they’re reminders of how many caring people there are in the world.

“In 2017, I had a relative die in a car accident. Three days later, the responding EMT showed up to our house and cried with us, assuring he did everything he could,” someone shares. “I will never forget him.”

“One time I went to a hospital and one of the paramedics saw my dad in a coffee shop two years later and asked how I was doing. He remembered him, and me,” another says. “I think about it all the time.”

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