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Woman With Alopecia & Impeccable Sense Of Humor Shares Perfect Disney Prank

Image shows people on a DisneyWorld ride while a woman with a shaved head adds to the scare by yanking her wig off.

Female androgenetic alopecia (FAGA) can happen to women at any age following puberty. For Jen Brown, the condition caused some life changes that were not all bad. First, she realized that shaving her head was a great boost for her mental health. Then, she realized wearing wigs was a perfect set-up for party pranks. Taking the party wig prank one step further, she found a great way to add laughs to a Disney trip!


I think we traumatized that little girl in the front row πŸ’€ my bad. #hairloss #itsawig #wigs #nohair #baldgirl #alopecia #wigtok #hairtok #disneyworld

♬ original sound – Jen Brown

Jen had a great time pulling the wig prank at Disney. We’re unsure how many people were traumatized by the experience, but we laughed. You probably did, too. Jen is embracing her alopecia, wearing wigs, and bringing happiness to many people along her path.


Replying to @K. Part TWO 🀣 wig: @silkorlace I WIGS HAIR TOPPERS we had too much fun at disney. I still think Tower of Terror was my best ride photo yet. πŸ†πŸ˜‚ #itsawig #hairloss #wigs #thinhair #alopecia #nohair #disneyworld #wdw

♬ original sound – Jen Brown

We have shared inspiring stories about alopecia in the past. An 8-year-old with alopecia areata bravely cut off her hair, declaring, β€œI have alopecia. I am ready to cut my hair. Because I am still beautiful.” Although treatments are available for some forms of alopecia, they rarely restore a full and beautiful head of hair. Many people shave their heads and roll with it, like Jen Brown. On Jen’s TikTok channel, being_mrs-brown, she offers a humorous look at female hair loss that creates smiles.

As a mom, Jen is as normal as the rest of us. She hides in her bathroom to sneak her favorite cookies. Jen sits idly while her husband plays the Xbox and gets a makeover from their child. She doesn’t always yank her wig off on Disney rides. However, she was quite impressed with this wig, which stayed in place throughout the roller coaster ride.

Jen Brown happily riding a roller coaster without her wig falling off or becoming "skewed."
Image from TikTok.

Support For Women With Alopecia Doesn’t Always Include Wig Pranks

If you know a woman experiencing hair loss for any reason, share this inspiring story with them. Give Jen a follow on TikTok and watch as she navigates life with a brilliant sense of humor. We’re sure she is not done with her wig pranks and look forward to new installments.

Women can experience hair loss and wear wigs due to alopecia, cancer treatments, and other reasons. No matter what causes their hair loss, they need support from family and friends. Whether they wear a wig or proudly display a head of stubbles, offer them a smile and a nod of encouragement.

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