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Paramedic Jumps To The Rescue Of Girl In Accident, Fluffy “Barbie” Dress And All!

A paramedic student wearing a pink dress at night.

Like many moviegoers on their way out of Barbie, one paramedic student in a pink dress was facing some heavy life questions. Due to her PTSD diagnosis, Mia Soviero wasn’t sure if she should continue her EMT certification. However, after leaving the theater with her mom, something happened that completely removed her doubts. Mia was able to prove to herself that she could keep a clear head in a dangerous situation — even in a fluffy dress!

As the student shared in a TikTok video, she actually saved a life that night. When she witnessed a huge accident on the road, she leaped into action to rescue a young woman from one of the cars involved. Mia also told the story of how she put her paramedic training to use while still wearing her Barbie-themed dress on Medscape.

“We were driving home on I-95 when right in front of us a car in the right lane crashed into a vehicle that had been abandoned on the side of the road,” she said. “The car spun out, hitting the cement border of the highway. I saw the airbags deploy. It came to a stop diagonally across the right lane.”

This paramedic student rushed into the accident — still wearing her Barbie dress.

A paramedic student wearing a pink dress at night.
Screengrab from TikTok

Cars continued to speed down the highway, doing their best to drive around the accident. However, Mia was certain that it was only a matter of time before vehicles started to pile up. She needed to get the driver out of there, and fast! Mia got her mom to pull over, then ran into the fray without hesitation.

Thankfully, the 20-year-old in the crashed vehicle wasn’t too hurt. However, she was extremely shaken. After introducing herself as a future EMT, Mia helped the young woman over to the backseat of her mom’s parked car. It wasn’t a moment too soon, either — just as the heroic student had feared, another vehicle joined the accident. Then another. Had the young woman remained in or near her car, she might have been seriously injured… or worse.

A woman wearinng a fluffy, hot pink dress.
Screengrab from TikTok

Once in the safety of her mom’s car, Mia tried to help the 20-year-old calm down. When the young woman noticed that the paramedic student was wearing a fluffy, bright pink dress, she was understandably confused. So, her rescuer had to explain that she was coming from the Barbie movie.

After this experience, Mia was more than certain that she wanted to continue training to become an EMT. She passed her exams with flying colors, and now she’s moving on to pre-med. However, she doesn’t think she would have gotten that far if it weren’t for the night she used her paramedic training while wearing the most impractical dress for the occasion.

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