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Woman Shares Dad’s Powerful Advice To Her While Going Through A Breakup

A woman tells a story about her dad's advice to her.

Going through a breakup can be awful, but one recently single woman got some of the best advice from her dad. TV producer Jessica McGann was going through a lot after her four-year relationship ended. Breaking up with her partner was hard enough, but she had also just moved into a new apartment. With all of the changes happening in her life, Jessica was feeling overwhelmed!

Thankfully, Dad had the perfect advice for his daughter in this situation. Jessica found his words so encouraging after her breakup that she just had to share them!

“He said, ‘You know what else is also painful? Being born. You’re going through a rebirth, and that’s gonna be painful,'” she said, recalling the conversation. “And I just thought this view of it was really beautiful. It helped me feel less like I was crumbling or breaking. I was able to see it more like I’m expanding and I’m growing and changing for the better.”

This dad’s advice has been getting a lot of attention online.

Jessica’s video went viral, generating over a million views. In fact, the advice she shared from her dad received so much attention, People spoke with her to get the rest of the story. Apparently, this amazing father did way more than just offer his daughter advice. When he found out that she was in distress, he rushed to her side to comfort her!

“I had been up all night in emotional turmoil that was so overwhelming it manifested physically, and by morning I knew I was at a point where I needed help,” Jessica recalled. “When I reached out, my father was there without hesitation, bringing groceries and essential kitchen items to help me start over.”

She added, “He sat and listened to me as I cried for hours, got me outside and moving, cooked me soup, and held me so I could fall asleep.”

A woman tells a story about her dad's advice to her.
Screengrab from TikTok

Although this was an incredibly difficult time for Jessica, her dad’s advice and support made her feel a lot better. Part of the reason she shared the story of her breakup was to encourage others in the same situation.

“One thing I’m really passionate about is de-stigmatizing how we view and talk about mental health, and one of the ways I do that Is through sharing my own experiences,” she explained. “When me and my ex decided to part ways, I knew this transition would be a challenging one and that I wanted to channel this experience into something helpful for others.”

We’re grateful that Jessica decided to share her dad’s advice during her breakup. It takes courage to be vulnerable on the internet, but this woman’s story is offering hope to many!

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