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Dad Shows Off Delightful Perk To Being 6’7″ And His Baby Is Absolutely Thrilled

A dad holds up his baby inside a store.

Life is good for a baby with a tall dad — for example, this little guy found out that his father could lift him high enough to see himself in a store’s security camera screen! Mom shared the cutest video on social media of her son’s reaction to the neat trick. This baby is clearly having the time of his life seeing his own face on television! He’s definitely a fan of his father’s above average height.

“Perks of your dad being 6’7, you can see the cute baby in the camera,” the child’s mother wrote in her caption.

Viewers loved how delighted the adorable baby was to see himself in the security camera screen. Many commenters joked that anyone working in surveillance was probably tickled by this footage, as well!


Perks of your dad being 6’7, you can see the cute baby in the camera🤣#foryoupage #baby #makeusgoviral #babyboy #babiesoftiktok #happybaby #funny #lol @Christian Cisler

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“The security guy is probably laughing so hard,” wrote one user.

Another added, “As someone who watches cameras at my work thank you.”

Did this baby actually know who he was seeing on screen?

According to some other videos Mom has posted of her baby boy, he’s about eight months old. This brings up an interesting question about the child’s perception. Parenting resource What To Expect tells us that a little one usually can’t recognize their own face until they’re at least 15 months old. So, this baby likely had no idea that he was seeing himself in the security camera when his dad held him up. He probably thought it was another kid laughing on screen!

A dad holds up his baby to see himself in a screen.
Screengrab from TikTok

What’s interesting is that, although it takes children over a year to begin recognizing their own faces, they can easily recognize other people far earlier in their development. His mother and father are surely well-known to this little boy by now, but it will still be a while before he knows what he himself looks like.

This certainly gives Dad something to look forward to. Imagine how excited this baby will be to see his face in a security camera screen when he actually knows who he’s looking at!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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