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Woman Rescues Blind & Deaf Puppy Abandoned In Parking Lot.

white puppy wrapped in sweatshirt

One of the most beautiful acts of humanity is to help a being that’s in need, for no other reason than because you have love to give. When this woman found a blind and deaf puppy abandoned in a parking lot, she realized she could step up to the plate and provide a home.

But she didn’t do it alone, either. Community members from her town in Berea, Kentucky have all lent a hand. The town worked together to make sure the abandoned puppy found health and happiness.

puppy in crate
This image is from Facebook.

When Samantha Faucette first found the abandoned puppy, she took to Facebook to reach out for some advice.

“Someone dumped this puppy this morning at my job, I realized that it was a double merle, I believe, and is blind and deaf!” she posted. “I’m gonna try my best to give her a great life, I made this post to see if anyone has experience with blind and deaf pups? Any advice would be helpful. She’s very playful. Also are there any places that help with vet bills with rescues?”

The community quickly got engaged with helping Samantha navigate raising her new four-legged friend.

From providing advice to donating funds for vet bills, this deaf and blind pup received an outpouring of love. This abandoned puppy found a brilliant community and will be in good hands!

He’s been named Alfie, and he couldn’t be cuter. Thanks for your generosity, Samantha and the town of Berea!

deaf and blind white dog
This image is from Facebook.

The featured image for this post is from Facebook.

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