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“Behind You.” Snake Crashes Podcast In Hisssssterical Fashion.

A snake appears in the background of a man's podcast recording.

When these podcast hosts invited an expert to join their virtual discussion, they had no idea he’d be bringing a bonus guest: a snake! The Guardian tells us that Fresh Perspectives, a podcast from Australian consulting firm The Strategy Group, was recording a conversation with Andrew Ward of Regen Farmer’s Mutual when others noticed the sneaky reptile hanging from his ceiling! Andrew happened to be filming from an outdoor patio, and he had no idea the creature was behind him until someone said, “Behind you.” Although the podcasters were startled by the snake, the guest was not.

“It’s only a carpet python,” said Andrew, laughing. He then joked that the reptile was his “rodent control officer.”

A snake appears in the background of a man's podcast recording.
Screengrab from Guardian Australia/YouTube

Based on footage from Andrew’s side of the podcast, the snake looks enormous! However, carpet pythons are fairly common garden animals in some areas, including Australia. According to Snake Rescue Sunny Coast, they aren’t venemous. Still, you should avoid getting too close to these reptiles, since they tend to constrict their victims. Keep your pets away from these critters, as well!

Thankfully, Andrew’s carpet python kept their distance, preferring to hide out in the ceiling. For the most part, you couldn’t even tell the creature was there. Speaking of sneaky snakes, check out this pet who loves slithering into his owner’s hair!

Watch the video below to see this podcast get momentarily hijacked by a snake in the best way.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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