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Move Over, Airbud — This Volleyball-Playing Dog Is A Pro!

Kiara the volleyball-playing dog. Left image she is posing with a ball in a woody setting. Right image she is playing "pepper" with her owner and another player.

Volleyball played correctly, requires some skill. It becomes even more impressive when one team consists of a man and a volleyball-playing dog. While anyone can whack the ball over the net willy-nilly, it takes training to use proper form. One player fields the ball on a two-player team, sending it to their teammate. In turn, the teammate sets the ball so the first player can deliver a crushing blow over the net, known as a spike. It takes coordination and teamwork to keep a volley going back and forth.

The volleyball-playing dog is Kiara, and she is a total rock star! Her Instagram channel proclaims that she is 50% Black Lab, 50% Flat Coat Retriever, and addicted to volleyball. Kiara belongs to Mathias Berntsen and hails from Kristiansand, Norway. She is the designated mascot for the Beach Volley Vikings volleyball team, Norway’s second-best ranked team. The team consists of “four Norwegian beach volleyballers trying to make it big on the world scene,” according to their YouTube channel. Mathias and his cousin, Hendrik Mol, are ranked 45th worldwide for two-person teams.

Kiara the volleyball-playing dog using her nose to make perfect set shots for her partner.
Image from TikTok.

Kiara doesn’t care what stage they are on. She wants to play volleyball all day, every day. Kiara has a reasonably extensive fanbase on Instagram and TikTok. She has appeared in videos on ESPN and is the subject of many news articles worldwide. If you are a fan of Olympic volleyball, you know why people are talking about this dog’s volleyball skills. She also performs exhibition demonstrations with her teammate during tournaments and makes near-perfect set shots every time.

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